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  • Only English language browsers will be sent.
  • Our minimum order is 5000 clicks.
  • Your target URL cannot contain any consoles, entry or exit.
  • Your page cannot contain any viruses, trojans, exploits or autoloaders
  • Price for niched traffic: $6.00 per 1000 unique clicks
  • Price for general (non-niched) traffic: $5.00 per 1000 unique clicks
  • Unique clicks are determined by session cookies. A surfer will only see your site once per browser session.
  • All of our general ($5/K) and niche ($6/K) traffic is sent from our gateway TGP at http://www.pornosphere.com/
  • We accept epassporte and credit cards, as well as checks and wire transfers as pre-payment for your traffic order.
  • Our email address is: info@fpcclicks.com
  • We can be reached via ICQ: 143720824